Meet Carrie 

Carrie is a award-winning TV and radio personality and freelance writer. She is a regular occurring television show host for Marshfield Community Television, and has hosted feature programs and numerous very successful muti-show series. Carrie has worked for WDLB/WOSQ in Marshfield, Wisconsin as a sideline reporter and color commentator, in Public Relations and Game-Hosting for the Eau Claire Express, and Pawtucket Red Sox, and in Sports Broadcasting for WISN-12 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.



Carrie’s love for travel started at a very young age. At age 7 she took her first plane ride, and instantly fell in love with the discovering different parts of the world. By the time she graduated high school Carrie had traveled to 40 of the 50 US states. Although well traveled stateside, Carrie’s first trip abroad didn’t come until her sophomore year of college, when she flew to Thailand to spend her 4-week winter break to visiting her brother.

Since then she has been to Southeast Asia 3 times, flown around the world, and visited over 10 countries. While she’s not a digital nomad, Carrie still travels extensively throughout the US and internationally. Carrie’s travel tips, advice and guides are read by thousands of people each month.


Carrie has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Advertising and Media Studies with a minor in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Today, she splits time living in Florida and her home state of Wisconsin. When she isn’t traveling, writing or broadcasting, she enjoys spending time with her dog, Gatsby, and supporting her husband, Casey, while he plays professional baseball for the Tampa Bay Rays.